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3 September 28, 2015

Theoretical Questions

1. Yurii F. Katorin
The Justification of Requirements to the Security System Based on the Analysis of Information Risks

Vestnik policii, 2015, Vol.(5), Is. 3, pp. 82-88.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2015.5.82CrossRef

The article describes the basic methods of the analysis of information risks and determination on this basis the necessary level of object security, stands the concept of "risk", studies the quantitative or qualitative assessment of potential risks, analyzes their advantages and disadvantages, and explores the method of justification of requirements to the security system, based on verifying the compliance level security requirements of one of standards in the field of information security.

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Technical Means

2. Artem A. Gonchar, Xenia N. Zolotareva
Laser Microphone, as a Technical Means of Intelligence

Vestnik policii, 2015, Vol.(5), Is. 3, pp. 89-96.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2015.5.89CrossRef

This article discusses the use of laser microphones, as a technical means of intelligence, the basic scheme of designing laser acoustic intelligence systems, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The article considers the main advantages of using laser microphones.

URL: http://ejournal21.com/journals_n/1444864168.pdf
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3. Irina E. Krivtsova, Kseniya I. Salakhutdinova, Pavel A. Kuz'mich
Method of Construction the Signatures of Executable Files for Identification Purposes

Vestnik policii, 2015, Vol.(5), Is. 3, pp. 97-105.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2015.5.97CrossRef

The article deals with the creation of individual signatures of different versions of executable elf-files installed on various Linux distributions in order to identify them. Identifying here should be understood as the process of file recognition with its identification with a particular program. A new method of signature’s creation of program is based on the frequency characteristics of the files identified with it, and the average frequency characteristics of the different versions of the program. Files identification is made on the basis of their binary codes using F-test. The construction of a frequency distribution is made for a more precise process of files identification. The article deals with 64-bit operating systems and programs.

URL: http://ejournal21.com/journals_n/1444864282.pdf
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Modern security

4. Alexander V. Nasteka, Catherine E. Bessonova
Analysis of Data Transmission Protocols to Implement Secure Automated Systems on the Example of "Smart Home"

Vestnik policii, 2015, Vol.(5), Is. 3, pp. 106-110.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2015.5.106CrossRef

This article describes the modern data transfer protocol for implementing secure data transfer. The author describes interconnection with private security firms. This work describes the features of some wireless data transfer protocoland ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. The result of the research is recommendation on the use of wireless protocols.

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full number
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