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2 June 02, 2016

History of Police

1. Leonid V. Strakhov
Creation of Country Police Guards in the Central Russia (Evidence From Voronezh Governorate, 1903–1906)

Vestnik policii, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 48-54.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2016.8.48CrossRef

The article is devoted to organization of country police guards in the Russian Empire. The author shows main prerequisites for reform, evolution of implementation and its first results. Based on research a wide range of sources, is defined the structure of county guards management, dividing into divisions in Voronezh governorate. The author says about an influence of Russian revolution 1905–1907 on the reform, identifies main weaknesses of units and describes how these shortcomings have been corrected by administration.

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Technical Means

2. Xenia A. Kudryavtseva, Natalya S. Ralnikova
Channels Analysis of Leakage Information with the VOLS and Methods of Protection Multimode Fiber

Vestnik policii, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 55-61.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2016.8.55CrossRef

This article examines the ways in which it can be intercepted information sent via fiber optic channels, particular attention is paid to the violation of total internal reflection, also the maximum bending radius for multimode and single-mode fiber and to determine methods of protecting the first of them. In conclusion the authors came to the conclusion that there is a real possibility of covert interception with the VOLS, which can be done while in physical contact with the optical fiber, but without violating the integrity of his shell. The most effective and practical method is for fiber bending, which are most susceptible to multimode optical fiber. Since optical fiber is now considered the most perfect physical environment for information transfer, it is necessary to conduct various activities for its protection.

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3. Bogdan T. Kudyma, Artem A. Gonchar
Use of Methods of Professional Mentalist for the Purpose of Theft of Information

Vestnik policii, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 62-69.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2016.8.62CrossRef

Industrial espionage has the big range of use and a bigger range of implementers. Now, the sufficient attention is paid to technical channels of information leakage though the personnel of the enterprise still are the main source of danger. Worldwide swindlers use skills of professional illusionists for the purpose of deception, and also theft of personal and business information. Unfortunately, this subject is very poorly lit though it is rather actual now as the ordinary inhabitant can easily get on the swindler's tricks. Basic concepts about industrial espionage, with profound consideration of personnel are given in this article as information leakage source, and also definition of the main the technique of mentalist are described and given, in particular research of such equipment as "Cold reading" is given is detailed.

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4. Yuri V. Naidenyshev, Oleg V. Skulkin
Special Aspects of Digital Artifacts Forensic Analysis in Microsoft Windows 10 Operation System

Vestnik policii, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 70-77.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2016.8.70CrossRef

In this article we will discuss both new sources of digital evidence, typical for the new version of operation system, such as Notification Center, Microsoft Edge web-browser and digital personal assistant Cortana, and some known artifacts, which changed its format, for example, Prefetch files. Also we’ll discuss such important source of digital evidence, as Volume Shadow Copy, which first appeared in Microsoft Windows XP, but still available in the new version of Microsoft Windows OS.

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Modern Security

5. Aleksandr F. Mitrofanov
Maritime Service of Spanish Civil Guard

Vestnik policii, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 78-87.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2016.8.78CrossRef

One of Spanish Civil Guard (gendarmerie) branches is Maritime Service – Servicio Marítimo de la Guardia Civil (SEMAR). History, structure and activities of Service are described in this article. If the original Service’s fleet consisted of some patrol boats for action in the inland waters and coastal areas, the increase in illegal immigration, illegal fishing and smuggling led to the emergence of ocean patrol vessels. Currently, service offers four main types: small, medium and large patrol boats and ships for ocean swimming. In addition, the service has been equipping its aircraft are extremely effective.

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