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2 December 25, 2018

Technical Means

1. Nicholas W. Mitiukov, Elena L. Busygina
Ballistics of Low-Speed Striking Elements of Improvised Explosive Devices

Vestnik policii, 2018, 5(2): 35-44.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2018.2.35CrossRef

The calculations and experiments showed that the calculation of the ballistics of damaging elements of improvised explosive devices should be carried out on the maximum spread of two main arguments: for the sphere – its angular velocity, for the arrow - its angle of attack: the maximum "optimistic" and "pessimistic" option. The minimum parameters of the sphere are obtained in the case when it has a maximum angular velocity directed "under itself" (the angular velocity vector is directed to the left, if you look at the target). The maximum parameters are the maximum angular velocity “above itself” (the vector is directed to the right). The minimum parameters of the arrow are obtained at an angle of attack of 90º, maximum – at 0º.

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2. Alexander F. Mitrofanov
Marine Troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation (Rosgvardija)

Vestnik policii, 2018, 5(2): 45-77.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2018.2.45CrossRef

The history, organization, equipment and activities of the naval units of the National Guard of Russian Federation (Rosgvardija) are described in this article. The troops were reorganized from the internal troops of the USSR. In 2016, maritime units detained 276 violators and 59 illegal squadrons, carried out almost 2,000 road operations for the protection of public order, conducted 5 thousand swimming fields, 683 of which were detained for various violations, more than 2 thousand of ordinary illegal fishing gear were seized. A description of the personal weapons of the troops of the naval units of Rosgvardia, and the ship’s personnel.

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Modern security

3. Igor' L. Pozdeev, Maksim V. Tensin
To the Issue of the Conditionality of Political Extremism in the Youth Environment of Political Corruption

Vestnik policii, 2018, 5(2): 78-89.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2018.2.78CrossRef

In modern terms, youth is a litmus test, expressing the existing internal problems and contradictions in the Russian society. The rapid growth of social and political tensions, including the active involvement of minors and young people in political protests, is largely due to the rapid deterioration of the economic situation, as well as to the actual and legal refusal of the authorities from a number of social obligations enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. There is a point of view that the main reason for the negative socio-economic trends in the development of Russia is the manifestation of political corruption, which is expressed including the irresponsibility of the authorities for the decisions taken, the exclusion from participation in the political process of active opponents of the current political regime, as well as the creation of organizational and legal conditions for the de facto "lifelong" replacement by leading politicians of their status quo in the political system of the Russian Federation. These negative trends are amplified, especially in terms of sanctions and international isolation began when the objective needs of development of the Russian Federation require of its development in accordance with the constitutional system: genuine democracy, succession and responsibility of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities for decisions. The article attempts to reveal the influence of political corruption on the spread of political extremism among young people, the predisposition of young people to active actions in the political sphere on the basis of sociological research.

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4. Veronika E. Sidorkina, Marina A. Bach
Legal Problems of Informatization and Information Security

Vestnik policii, 2018, 5(2): 90-95.
DOI: 10.13187/vesp.2018.2.90CrossRef

Need of special attention to problems of legal informatization in the conditions of information society is considered, regulations are prepared, in doing so, pointed out that one must not underestimate the role and importance in the development of information legislation the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in accordance with article 29 of which everyone has the right freely to seek, receive, transmit, produce and disseminate information by any legal method and the base year 1995 federal law on information.

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